Amit Cot Fiber

Business Area / Industry: Madhyapradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Telangana State, Andhra Pradesh, Rajsthan

Sub Products: MECH-1, H-4, Y-1, MCU-5, Cotton Yarn

Price Range:

Delivery: Spot, Mill Delivery, All India Delivery

Type of Seller: Mill, Manufactures, Traders, Export

Arunoday Spinning Mills

Business Area / Industry: All India

Sub Products: Carded Weaving Yarn

Price Range:

Delivery: Ex.Mill

Type of Seller:

Mahalaxmi Polytex

Business Area / Industry: All India, Export

Sub Products: Dyed Yarn, Polyester Yarn, Cotton Yarn, Nylon Yarn,

Price Range:

Delivery: All India Delivery, Export

Type of Seller: Exporter