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How much land does Cotton take to grow?

The world population is expected to 9.7 Billion by 2050.


Cotton is grown in more than 80 countries but uses only 0.6% of the world’s agricultural lands, which include meadows and pastures commonly used for livestock grazing, and cropland. It is also important to remember that cotton produces both food and fiber to help meet these growing demands.


More than 50 Million people are associated with the Cotton industry in India as stated by the Ministry of Textile.


Does it take less land to grow cotton today than in the past? Yes, and significantly less in countries where scientific advancements have been adopted.

For example, in 1976 it took more than 1.9 hectares (4.7 acres) to grow one metric ton of cotton fiber, but now as of 2017 it took less than 1.07 hectares (2.64 acres) to grow the same amount.


A lot of this improvement can be attributed to the adoption of modern agricultural practices such as the use of:

  • biotechnology
  • precision agriculture


Biotechnology in Cotton Planting Processes have helped with protecttion to insect damage and make the plants resistant to a certain herbicides.

Researches on issues such as Pinkboll Worm Insecticides have been helping, along with other technological advancements.


Precision Agriculture is being followed with the help of Satellite mapping systems guide high-tech farm equipment which precisely deliver inputs such as water, fertilizer and crop protection products only when and where needed, saving time, energy and money.

21/11/2023 03:49pm

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