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Better Cotton Initiative announces Cote D'ivoire to assist 200,000 farmers.

The largest cotton sustainability effort in the world, Better Cotton, has announced the launch of a new programme in Cote d'Ivoire and pledged to assist 200,000 local cotton farmers during the program's first five years.


According to a news release from Better Cotton, the new field-level programme will provide resources and training to agricultural communities all around the nation as a first step towards assisting them in producing more sustainably farmed cotton.


As Better Cotton's strategic partner for Cote d'Ivoire, the Professional Association of Cotton Companies of Cote d'Ivoire (APROCOT-CI) will be in charge of managing initiatives to enhance the economic prospects and climatic resilience of farming communities.


With CIDT, Ivoire Coton, Global Cotton SA, CO.I.C-SA, SICOSA 2.0, and Seco SA as its six member organizations, APROCOT-CI protects the interests of cotton companies throughout the nation, from farms to gins. 


These organizations will work with the Better Cotton initiative as partners, giving cotton communities resources and training to support social and environmental changes.


A declaration of interest detailing national interest in initiating a Better Cotton programme was submitted by APROCOT-CI to Better Cotton last year. 


In order to gauge the potential impact before launching a programme, Better Cotton organized a multistakeholder gathering in the city of Abidjan in March of this year.


In order to help smallholder farmers in Africa reduce their carbon footprint and embrace sustainable agriculture practises that prioritize ongoing improvement, Better Cotton is dedicated to expanding its footprint throughout the continent. 


Better Cotton is positioned strategically to fulfill growing demand with a membership network that extends from farm to store and brand level.


"Our organizations' common commitment to improving the lives of smallholder cotton farmers and having a beneficial impact on the cotton industry is highlighted by this relationship. 


We hope to increase cotton yields, lessen our impact on the environment, and improve social and economic consequences for farmers in the area by combining Better Cotton's sustainable farming methods with APROCOT-CI's local knowledge,” stated Jean François Toure, president of APROCOT-CI.


"Starting a new initiative in Cote d'Ivoire is a thrilling move for Better Cotton as it expands its footprint throughout the continent. In order for local cotton farmers to benefit from more sustainable cotton production on both an environmental and financial level, our relationship with APROCOT-CI will be essential to the way we carry out our work in the nation.”


Alan McClay, CEO of Better Cotton, stated, "We are appreciative of APROCOT-CI's backing and the dedication they have demonstrated to our cause.


16/11/2023 03:34pm

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